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  • Tulum
  • Chichen Itza
  • Cobá
  • Uxmal

In front of Cancun is the
second largest coral reef
in the world, which
brings a colourful variety
of fishes, corals and
other species.
Diving or snorkeling is
an experience you will find just great!
Cancun is famous for its
beaches, water activities
and nightlife.. but there
is much more you can do
in this paradise!

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Cenotes of Yucatan, nearby Cancun & Riviera Maya
Cancun is located in the
Yucatan Peninsula, home
of the Mayan Culture,
with great places to visit.

  • Cenotes
  • Sian Kaan Reserve
  • Holbox Island
  • Mérida, the White City
  • Riviera Maya
  • Haciendas of Yucatan
  • Mayan Inhabited Towns
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The Great Mayan Cities
Underwater Wonders
Cancun Best Things To Do
Exploring Around
Sport Fishing Charters at Cozumel Island, nearby Cancun & Riviera Maya

Go Fishing Cozumel

Family in Cancun Beach

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Lobster Restaurant at Cozumel Island, nearby Cancun & Riviera Maya
Lobster House
Cozumel Restaurant


Something great of Cancun is that you can taste two of the most
appreciated cuisines in the world: the Mexican and the Mayan food.

One might think that these two culinary jewels are very similar, but
actually they are quiet different.

It is impossible to choose a dish to recommend, but we can list the
"cochinita pibil" (pork cooked underground), mole, tamales, tacos,
pozole, frijol con puerco, queso relleno, poc-chuc, puchero, etc.

For beverages, try the "horchata" (rice concentrate).. the "Deliciosa" brand has the best flavor and quality. Also try the Mexican beers and tequilas, there is a large number of brands, all of them very good. For tequilas, just make sure that bottle mentions "100% agave", otherwise it will contain a portion of not tequila alcohols.

There are also delicious desserts like "dulce de papaya", "caballeros pobres",
Mexican candies, chocolates and coffee creams.
Fishing Special!

Premier Game Fish
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Fishing at Cozumel Island, nearby Cancun & Riviera Maya

Due to its beautiful beaches, Cancun rapidly developed a large and
successful hotels industry supported by the best chains of the world,
that saw in Cancun a great opportunity to invest and create business.

Anxious to capture and please the growing demand for this
destination, investors built luxury hotels and adopted the highest
standards for quality in service, food and rooms.

With more than 25,000 hotel rooms, Cancun was consolidated like
the most important tourist destination of Mexico and many other
places in the Caribbean.

Currently, visitors can find hotels for all the budgets and great deals on front beach hotels, many of them with the All Inclusive systems which allows the guests to enjoy all the food and beverages they want, avoiding extra expenses on restaurants and increasing their pleasure while staying at Cancun.


Best Day (MXN)
Atlantis Submarine Adventure
Admire the tropical fishes and the great coral formations of the Caribbean aboard of this real submarine 100 ft. underwater.


Tour Description

Booking Websites
Atlantis Submarine at Cozumel Island, Nearby Cancun & Riviera Maya


Best Day (MXN)
Cichen Itza Mayan Ruins
A guided visit to the most impressive city of the legendary Mayan Civilization.
Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins, Nearby Cancun & Riviera Maya


Best Day (MXN)
Swim With Dolphins Encounter
Swim with these wonderful creatures and watch them performing amazing stunts close to you.
Swim with Dolphins at Cancun & Riviera Maya

Cancun and Riviera Maya Rent a car

Wedding services at Cancun & Riviera Maya, photographer Elizabeth Medina
Two Great Exotic Islands to Visit!
Near from Cancun, there are many beautiful places that you can easily visit by your own, adding an extra doses of adventure to your trip.

You will surprise how easy and fun is to get these places by your own.


The diving and snorkeling paradise, with great coral reefs and colorful fishes, at only 2.5 hours away from Cancun. This tour also gives you the chance to visit Playa del Carmen, the funniest place once the sun falls down. You will notice the warm and friendly service in Cozumel, where people have preserved very well their traditional way of living in spite of the daily tourism influence.
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A tropical island with very few population, stretch streets and incredible calm, clear-blue and warm waters. To get there, you will span the colorful ocean between Cancun and Isla Mujeres, aboard of a scenic ferry with an open area at the top to enjoy the view.
Read More

Water front of Cozumel Island, nearby Cancun & Riviera Maya
Beach at Isla Mujeres, nearby Cancun & Riviera Maya

Merida, Yucatan
The White Colonial City
One-Night Escape

4 driving hours away from Cancun, there is a wonderful colonial city where you will feel your self transported to the past.

Best days to go to Merida, Yucatan are saturdays and sundays, when you can enjoy at downtown folkloric nights and festive sundays with all kind of handicrafts, typical cloth and mayan food.

Hotels are inexpensive and everything is at walking distances from downtown. There are many small and nice hotels that were colonial houses in the past.

Taking the bus from Cancun's terminal is the easiest way to get to Merida, but if you rent a car you will have the chance to visit many interesting places on the way, like Valladolid City, Cenote Xkeken (also called Tzitnup) and small typical towns.

All this makes going Merida one of the best options you can choice for a one night escape excursion.
Colonial Residence at Merida Yucatan, nearby Cancun & Riviera Maya

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Cancun Shopping
Great Mexican & Mayan Souvenirs
Shopping in a foreign city is always full of surprises and Cancun is not the exception.

Some good things you will find are the Yucatecan  hammocks, habanero sauce, horchata (rice syrup for a delicious Yucatecan beverage), vanilla, coffee liquor, tequila, guayaberas (men Yucatecan distinguished shirts), hipils (women Yucatecan traditional dress), Mexican candies and all kind of beautiful Mayan handicrafts.
Market at Merida Yucatan, nearby Cancun & Riviera Maya

Cancun Maps
Here, the Must Useful Cancun Maps
More Maps
Cancun and Riviera Maya useful maps

Cancun Hotels
Best Deals
Cancun Hotel Swimming Pool Area

Travel Resources
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Atlantis Submarine Adventure
Admire Cozumel's underwater wonders in real submarine and go up to 100 ft. deep.

Go Fishing Cozumel
Best rates for fishing tours at Cozumel Island.

Yucatan Adventure Eco-Travel Guide
Your Sustainable Eco-Cultural Travel Guide dedicated to the Maya Culture and Traditions, part of the Maya Foundation In Laakeech NGO sustainable civil society for the welfare of the rural Mayan people.  Green Travel, Green Hotels and Spas, Eco-Activities and more.
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Cancun Restaurant at the Beach

Cancun is one of the top Caribbean destinations with beautiful beaches and great hotels, restaurants and
tours, but also it is home of
an exciting culture and
Mayan heritage, as well as amazing places to visit near around, such as Cenotes,
exotic islands, Mayan ruins, Haciendas and colonial cities.

In Cancun & Riviera Maya
the beauty of the beaches
is always mixed with a touch
of adventure and Mexican folklore.

Wherever you are, you will always feel yourself
surrounded by the colorful, friendly and warm taste of Mexico.

Hopefully, this travel guide
will help you to find the best activities, attractions and
things to do that
cancun has 4 you

Thanks for visiting
cancun 4 you .com
and thanks for visiting
Cancun & Riviera Maya!

Cancun 4 You is an online travel
guide to Cancun & Riviera Maya made by Cancun citizens.

The main purpose of this travel
guide is to provide useful and objective tourist information
about Cancun & Riviera Maya keeping its contents free of any influence from sponsors,
advertisers or third parts.
Yucatan Travel Guide
Atlantis Submarines
Discover the Sea Life Around the 2nd Largest Coral Reef System in the World
Atlantis Submarine at Cozumel Island, Nearby Cancun & Riviera Maya
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Beach at Cancun & Riviera Maya
All About Cancun Guide Hotels, Tours, Restaurants, Things to do, Maps, Water Sports, Shopping, Nightlife, Discos, Weather, News, Upcoming Events, Kids, Wedding
Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins, Nearby Cancun & Riviera Maya

Scuba Diving in Cancun & Riviera Maya
Your Guide to Cancun & Riviera Maya
Cancun Beaches  |  By:

Cancun Guide
The Definitive Guide to planning your Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean vacation: Learn traveler's basics, how to get there, how to get around once you're there, where to stay, and what to see and do.


Cancun & Riviera Maya have become two of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean for one single reason: their so many things to do. If you are looking for a beach destination for your vacations, check the cheap flights to Cancun available and discover all that Cancun has 4 you! Beaches are definitively amazing, with incredible white and powdered sand and blue clear water, but also you are surrounded by a number of interesting places to visit and exciting things to do... Cancun & Riviera Maya really have it all.

Beach | The great hotels of Cancun & Riviera Maya

First thing you will experience when you arrive and exit the airport is the luxury ambiance at the hotels of the beach zone. Even when the rates are not more expensive than any other Caribbean destination, in Cancun & Riviera Maya the most recognized hotel chains of the world have placed their best infrastructures to attract as much guests as possible in a strongly disputed tourist marked. The winners: you and me.

You will see huge and fancy lobbies, large rooms looking like brand new and pools and beach areas simply amazing. Yes, you will feel like in paradise, and probably you wont even think about going out of your hotel, but make an effort, Cancun & Riviera Maya are much more than that.

Nightlife | Discos, Bars & Party all night long

After you spend the day at the pool and the beach, you might want to take a nap, and that is an excellent idea, as you are going to need all your energy for the nightlife that Cancun & Riviera Maya have for you.

But take your time, sleep well, take a shower, have a dinner... the party at the Discos begins not earlier than 11 pm... and ends at sunrise... or more!

How can people be awake so late? Well, that is because the party is so fun, with amazing shows, lights and music, that you will absolutely forget about time until somebody says by the microphone that the Disco is about to close at 7 morning... but do not rush, for sure they will wait until people really want to leave.

The next morning you will want to rest at the beach, to swim a little and go to sleep early. A perfect occasion to spend some time planning your next move... and here are our best advises.

The Mayan Ruins | Chichen Itza, Tulum

One of the most popular activities is to visit the Mayan ruins and Cancun & Riviera Maya are literally surrounded by many of them... surrounded? Yes, even crossing the ocean you will find great Mayan ruins in the nearby islands.

The nearest Mayan ruins are at Tulum (81 mi), but not to farer than Tulum is Chichen Itza (110 mi), so any or both of them would be a great choice.

Tulum has the additional advantage of being at the coast, so you can visit the ruins and then go to swim in the best beaches we have ever seen. But Chichen Itza has a handicap too: is next to a beautiful colonial city: Valladolid, and to a couple of amazing natural Cenotes: Dzitnup and Xkeken. If you have not swim in a Cenote, this is a must to do experience.

The truth is that both Mayan ruins are so important that you can not miss any of them.

Nearby Islands | Cozumel and Isla Mujeres

Other exciting activity is to visit one of the islands nearby Cancun & Riviera Maya. Isla Mujeres is located at the North of Cancun, and Cozumel at the South. Both of them have amazing beaches for swimming and a kind of Mexican small town atmospheres.

Cozumel brings you the additional opportunity to visit Playa del Carmen and its famous 5th Ave, where you can walk and find nice souvenirs stores and markets.

If you decide to go to Isla Mujeres, do not miss North Beach. The water is so calm and transparent that you will feel yourself like in a pool. This island is the perfect place to swim and walk around the downtown. You wont need car, taxi or transport at all, as everything is near around.

Cozumel is a little bigger. The ferry arrives at the downtown, so you can enjoy the water front and stores and restaurants along it. For swimming it is necessary to take a taxi or to rent a car, to go to the other side of the island. Once there you will feel like in a virgin island and the beaches are really wonderful. To go to this island is a little more expensive, as you will have to take the bus to Playa del Carmen, then a ferry and then a taxi if you want to go further than the water front and downtown.

Tours and Adventure | Mayan ruins, Cenotes, Water sports, Forest

Do you like tours? Cancun & Riviera Maya have some of the best tours of the Caribbean and you will notice that the service is remarkable as well. You will easily find a large number of tours and activities at your hotel, travel agencies, airport, internet, etc. Something good to know is that prices generally are quiet similar wherever you buy. This is because Cancun & Riviera Maya tour operators try to guarantee similar prices in all their sale channels and travel agencies and freelancers do not earn through rising the prices, but through a commission from the tour operator.

Best tours in Cancun & Riviera Maya are related with Mayan ruins, colonial cities, cenotes, forest, water sports, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and forest or adventure.

Is worth to mention that there is a real submarine tour that you can book from any point at Cancun & Riviera Maya. It is the only one in whole Mexico and is amazing how they take you 100 ft deep to see the second largest coral reef system of the world with its great and colorful variety of sea life.

Fishing in Cancun & Riviera Maya is also a great experience. Due to the deep cold waters of the Yucatan Channel and the coral reefs sea life, there are a good number of big fishes you can catch. Best place to go fishing is Cozumel Island, as mainland waters are warmer for big species of fishes.


Cheap Flights to Cancún
Find here the best air fares to Cancvún.
Situated on the eastern coast of Mexico, Cancun is a relatively new coastal resort, known as a `balneario` (Latin-American seaside resort). It is also often referred to as the `Mexican Riviera`. The city of Cancun is split into two main areas, Ciudad Cancún (downtown) and the connected island area of Zona Hotelera (the Hotel Zone). The two areas are connected via bridges and the Boulevard Kukulcán, the major thoroughfare.

Naturally, the numerous beaches are the biggest attraction in Cancun. The main tourist area (the Hotel Zone), is memorable for being shaped like the number "7" with beach areas all around it. Featuring soft white sand, blue Caribbean seas and a year round tropical climate, together with every water sport imaginable, it is not surprising that Cancun attracts millions of visitors every year.

Whilst all of the beaches in Cancun are owned by the government, meaning that they are technically public, some beaches can only be accessed by going through hotels, which are private property. Others may also have public access entries to them with the remainder being fully public.

At the northern tip of the Hotel Zone is Bahia de Mujeres, the beaches at this end of Cancun offer calm, safe and shallow waters. The sea in this part remains shallow for quite a distance out, making it ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

To the east, on the right of the `7`, is the beginning of the Caribbean facing shores. Surfing is popular here but the tidal undertow makes this part of Cancun dangerous for swimming or more placid water sports.

On exactly the opposite side of the `7` is the Nichupte Lagoon. It is not at all suitable for swimming, despite its calm aura, due to the presence of crocodiles in some parts (although they are supposedly non-aggressive)! However, water sports enthusiasts are not deterred and indulge in activities such as water skiing, windsurfing, parasailing and jet ski `jungle tours`.

For those who want to indulge in peaceful sunbathing whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery, there are three particularly nice beaches: Playa Ballenas, Playa Delfines and Playa Marlin. They are strictly suited to beach activities only because they face the Caribbean Sea and are prone to strong surf and dangerous currents.

For families with small children or novice swimmers there are several beaches with safe swimming areas where the water is calm, clear and shallow with a sandy bed. The most popular are Playa Langosta, Playa Las Palmas and Playa Caracol, all of which offer entertainment, changing facilities, showers and an excellent choice of bars and restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

A popular beach with young adult tourists is Playa Tortugas. This beach offers excellent swimming for the experienced as well as snorkelling, diving, windsurfing and parasailing. There are also fun activities available on the beach including volleyball nets and inflatables as well as organised mini festivals. The beachfront also features a number of trendy bars and restaurants.

Playa Chac Mool, Playa Las Perlas and Playa Juventud are all beaches with strong surf and currents making them suitable only for the most serious and experienced water sports enthusiasts. Between the three beaches every water activity is covered including jet skiing, wake boarding, water skiing and extreme parasailing. All offer excellent facilities in terms of changing areas, retail outlets, bars and restaurants.

Since the start of its development in the 1970s, Cancun has become one of the world`s most popular tourist destinations and has exceeded all expectations. The biggest draw is of course its many, beautiful beaches, but there are plenty of other activities to be enjoyed as well. Many Cancun hotels have been developed into luxury resorts in their own right, offering guests every facility they could possibly need or want, making a stay in this balneario not just a holiday but an unforgettable experience.
Nightlife & Entertainment Guide
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